Fogging Guns Used in the Fight Against Coronavirus

In addition to its stepped-up regime to keep trains and stations clean for key workers who must travel Greater Anglia is now using special fogging guns to disinfect surfaces in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The new fogging guns use disinfecting chemicals to kill different types of viruses quickly and efficiently; they’re especially useful in treating areas which are otherwise difficult to reach.

Greater Anglia is using the machines to clean trains at depots, stations and train stabling points. The machines are portable and can also be used to disinfect waiting rooms, offices, mess rooms or any other railway buildings.

Fogging guns being used on one of Greater Anglia’s commuter trains

Martin Moran, Greater Anglia’s Commercial, Customer Services and Train Presentation Director, said: “We are doing all we can to keep trains clean for key workers and those who need to make essential journeys.

“If a person with suspected coronavirus travels on one of our trains, the train would be quarantined. Once it has been released, it undergoes a thorough deep-clean and part of this process involved using the fogging guns”.

“We’re so grateful to our teams and other key workers, in many different roles, who are working tirelessly at this time to help others.”

Greater Anglia has so far purchased two of the fogging guns with three more ordered.

COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS: Travel only if it is absolutely necessary