Greater Anglia Launches Accessibility Improvements Survey

A passenger boards one of the new Greater Anglia trains at Ipswich
A passenger boards one of Greater Anglia’s new trains at Ipswich

Train operator Greater Anglia has launched a survey aimed at passengers with accessible needs; the survey designed to find out what issues or problems may have been encountered travelling by train during the pandemic and what worked well. The results of the survey will be used to help identify and prioritise future improvements along the rail network.

Greater Anglia’s Accessibility Manager, Rebecca Richardson, said, “There have been many changes on our trains and at our stations during the pandemic, and while we have done everything throughout to ensure staff were still able to provide assistance and reassurance for disabled customers, we know that the introduction of things like one-way systems and social distancing measures brought new challenges, or for some, represented a welcome change.”

“Now that restrictions have lifted and we are welcoming back more passengers, we thought this was an opportune time to ask customers what they thought worked, what didn’t, and where we can go from here to ensure we continually improve the accessibility of the railway and ensure that people feel confident to travel with us again.”

The survey is available on Twitter at @GreaterAngliaPR, Greater Anglia’s Facebook page @greateranglia and the company’s Linkedin pages. It is also availble at and in a variety of formats. different formats.

The survey closed at 5pm on 31 October 2021.