Westerfield Station Garden Scheme

By Sandy Burn – Westerfield Station adopter

Westerfield Station garden August 2019
Westerfield Station garden August 2019

I adopted Westerfield Station in October 2018. Platform 2 is on the Felixstowe branch line between Ipswich and Felixstowe. This is how it looked before I started:

Clearance started at the end of March 2019. This is the appearance after the nettles were trimmed back by Warren Smith:

5th April – making pleasing progress, digging over the plot:

Large quanties of bottles, concrete, tiles & rubble pile up, dug out of the ground.

Thanks to Dave Shannon contact was made with Volker Rail and the fab five. Tot, Danny, Mick, Alan & Dorin came with two wheelbarrows and filled the back of the lorry with all the rubble I had dug out of the plot.

29th April – the ground was double dug, raked and marked out as a grid for planting.

Planting plan done by a friend – Cathy Watson.

30th April – plants laid out in their grids, before being planted. Plants funded by Greater Anglia, the East Suffolk Lines Community Rail Partnership’s Line Group East and some from my home garden.

24th May – last group of plants go in.

3rd June – 29 bags of bark applied to keep moisture in and weeds out

12th June – Nepeta Walker’s low – first sign of colour.

July – plants beginning to fill out & more colour.

Currently how the platform looks in August 2019