Work Continues on Safety Upgrades at Woodbridge Level Crossings

Last September Network Rail began work to upgrade three level crossings in Woodbridge; the work to complete the project continues this weekend through the end of March.

Improvements are being made to the following crossings:

  • Haywards (on Tide Mill Way)
  • Ferry Lane
  • Jetty Avenue (on Jetty Lane)

In September 2020 signalling equipment and cabling, axle counters (which detect trains on the track) and new crossing decks (the surface that cars cross over) at Ferry Lane and Haywards were installed.

The work this year will see the completion of the project.

Haywards and Ferry Lane level crossings

Half-barriers will be upgraded to full barriers covering both sides of the sides of the road; this is to prevent vehicles from weaving around the barriers. Obstacle detection equipment is also being installed which automatically detects any obstructions at the crossing such as as cars and pedestrians.

Jetty Avenue/Jetty Lane

Network Rail will install miniature stop lights which give the green light when it is safe to cross. Both vehicles and pedestrians must stop when the light shows red. This crossing already has gates for pedestrians and vehicles.

The three level crossings will also benefit from newer signalling equipment which helps signallers understand where trains are in relation to the level crossings. This will allow the level crossing alarms at the Haywards and Ferry Lane road crossings to be safely reduced from about 70 seconds in duration to approximately 20 seconds for each train that passes, helping to reduce noise experienced by residents who live near the track.

There has been a significant amount of residential and commercial development in the vicinity of the crossings in recent years. The new equipment will be better able to cope with the higher demand and is essential to keep the level crossings functioning safely and reliably.

The work will begin this Saturday 27 February and continue every weekend from Saturday evening to Monday morning until Monday 29 March. Access will be maintained during this time, but there may be longer waiting times at the crossings.

Most weekned rail services will be affected and passengers are advised to check before they travel; a rail replacement bus service will run as follows:

  • Sunday 28 February (Ipswich- Saxmundham)
  • Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 March (Ipswich- Saxmundham)
  • Sunday 14 March (Ipswich- Woodbridge)
  • Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 March (Ipswich- Saxmundham)
  • Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March (Ipswich- Saxmundham)

Ellie Burrows, Network Rail’s route director for Anglia, said: “This work is essential not only for keeping everything running reliably but to improve safety for the increasing number of people who use the crossings. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience while we carry out this important work.”