Latest Station Adopter Activities, Flowers and Gardens

Volunteers take a break after clearing the wildflower patch at Derby Road station

Derby Road Station Wildflower Patch Renewed for 2022

Volunteers take a break after clearing the strimmed wildlfower patch at Derby Road station In late September 2020 a group of Station Adopters at Derby...

Beccles replica sign and flowers 20 August 2021

Summertime Flowers at Beccles Station

The Beccles station replica sign is adorned by an array of colour thanks to the team of volunteer adopters A three-tier planter on the Ipswich-bound...

Lowestoft station flowers 20 August 2021

Late Summer Flowers at Lowestoft Station

A Maritime floral theme adorns Lowestoft station; the boats are planted and maintained the station's teams of volunteer adopters. One of the boats is situated...

Derby Road Station flowers-12 August 2021

August Flowers Brighten Up a Dull Morning

Station Adopter flowers on the Ipswich-bound platform at Derby Road brighten up the day 12 August 2021

Melton station flowers 9 July 2021

Summer Flowers and July Showers

Flowers tubs at Melton station during a Summer shower 9 July 2021

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