Melton StationThe East Suffolk Community Rail Partnership is looking for enthusiastic volunteers who would like to help look after their local railway station. Adopt-A- Station vacancies are available at Melton Station and Westerfield Station.

The Station Adoption Program was launched several years ago as a way of directly involving local people in the way their stations are run.

Westerfield StationResponsibilities include filling in an occasional check list provided by ‘one’ Railway to ensure passenger expectations are being met when they use the station facilities. Volunteer adopters are also encouraged to bring forth their own ideas; many schemes now in place at East Suffolk Line stations, such as flowers, benches, and signage were ideas envisaged by the station adopter.

No financial contribution is expected, and in exchange for their help volunteer adopters receive a free rail pass.

If you are interested in adopting either Melton Station or Westerfield Station please use our Contact page.