Annette waters the flowers at Darsham StationYoxford resident Annette Day is a familiar face at Darsham Station; for the past several years Annette has been the warden there, not for the railway, but for the charity group which actually own the station. The building houses Darsham Country Centre, a self-catering facility run by the Woodcraft folk. Annette is in charge of all the day to day running, making sure the station house is in tip top shape for all the groups who stay there.

Last year Annette became involved in planting and taking care of the flower tubs at the station entrance and along the platform; Annette provided the water and tender loving care, and the station canopy was a good enough shelter from the cold that the geraniums planted in summer were still in bloom well into November.

For her efforts last year, and once again her undertaking of the flower tubs this year, Annette has been made the official adopter at Darsham Station. She works in conjunction with the East Suffolk Lines Community Rail Partnership and train operator National Express East Anglia, keeping the station looking smart, and filling out a periodic checklist which helps to improve the service to passengers as they pass through the station.

If you are interested in adopting your East Suffolk Lines station please contact us. Official adopters receive a free leisure rail pass from National Express East Anglia.