East Suffolk Line Stations Go Smoke Free

A No Smoking sign on a shelter at Halesworth with the station canopy in the reflectionAt 0600 on 1 July 2007 England joined the rest of the UK in banning smoking in all enclosed public places, but Network Rail has gone a step further.

Several years ago smoking was banned on all East Suffolk Line trains and other routes now operated by ‘one’ Railway. The exception was a single carriage on Norwich to London intercity services. Smoking was later prohibited across the entire ‘one’ fleet.

Beginning today smoking is also prohibited at all stations, shelters, platforms (whether enclosed or not), crosswalks, and pedestrian bridges across the UK. New “No Smoking” signs went up at East Suffolk Line stations a few weeks before the ban officially came into force.

Network Rail own stations on the East Suffolk Line which are leased to and operated by ‘one’ Railway.