New Ticket Lets You Explore East Anglia

Rail operator ‘one’ is offering a new rover ticket to celebrate Community Rail Week. The ‘one’ Day Explorer will be available between 19 May and 03 June 2007, and then again between 04 July and 09 September 2007. The new ticket allows unlimited one day travel across a large portion of East Anglia’s rail network. Make unlimited stops on any single day for only £18, and up to four children can ride along with you for only £2 each, see the ‘one’ website for complete details.

The new explorer ticket is valid for travel between all stations on the ‘one’ Railway network except those within the London area one-day travelcard boundary (between London Liverpool Street and Harold Wood, Chingford, Enfield Town, Waltham Cross, and Theobalds Grove). The ticket is valid from 08.45 weekdays and anytime at the weekend and during Bank Holidays.

The Community Rail Partnerships within the new ‘one’ Day Explorer ticket area are holding many special events for Community Rail Week 19 to 27 May. Your ‘one’ Day Explorer ticket is a great way to see the many activities happening on all seven lines.

Community Rail Partnerships across Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex.

How is this different from the Anglia Plus ticket?

The £12 Anglia Plus ticket and the £18 ‘one’ Day Explorer are both rover tickets, are valid during the same time of day, allow unlimited stops, and accompanied children travel for £2 each.

One Day Explorer area

The difference: Anglia Plus offers a three day option (£24), while the area covered by the ‘one’ Day Explorer is much larger than that of Anglia Plus.Both offer great value for money; you can travel hundreds of miles on each ticket.