ESTA Reports Punctuality Improvement

A survey conducted by the East Suffolk Travellers’ Association revealed more East Suffolk Line trains are arriving on time.

ESTA surveyed members who travelled the East Suffolk Line during the month of August. The results showed 76% of trains arrived on time compared to 66% during a survey conducted last year. The survey was also favourable to ‘one’ Railway train staff with most comments very positive. Of those taking part in the survey 9% reported their tickets were either not inspected or not collected. Almost a quarter said announcements made on the train were not satisfactory.

Note: respondents were members of ESTA for trains on which those members travelled, as opposed to all trains within a given period. Rail operator ‘one’ does not provide a separate breakdown of punctuality figures for the East Suffolk Line, rather it is grouped with other rural lines operated by ‘one’.

Update: Punctuality of ‘one’ rural services are listed at 86.1% for the 12 months up to 4 February 2006, and 88.6% for the 4 weeks up to 4 February 2006.

Face coverings were made compulsory on public transport as of Tuesday 30 November 2021

A revised timetable with further temporary reductions to rail services came into effect Monday 17 January 2022