Major Engineering Works Completed

Network Rail logoNetwork Rail has put the finishing touches on a project which will mean a smoother and quieter ride for passengers using the East Suffolk Line.

A major blockade of the line took place in mid February which required the uses of buses from Halesworth to Lowestoft. During that time 3000 yards of track renewal took place. 2178 yards of track were renewed in the Beccles area alone; the work there comprised of complete replacment of 1119 yards of base which the track rests on, ballast, sleepers, and rail; 670 yards of new ballast, sleepers and rail; and 385 yards of new steel sleepers and rail. The works at Outlon Broad involved replacing 800 yards of ballast, sleepers and rail. The result is a smoother and quieter ride as jointed rail, which is responsible for the clickety-clack noise and wears down train wheels, was replaced with continuosuly welded track.

In addition the surfaces at three level crossings and a number of farm and access crossings were being refurbished. Some of those crossings were completely replaced.

The blockade also allowed for the replacement of signal cabling and signal posts. Crews also cut back vegetation which can sometimes cause wheel slip, especially duting the Autumn.

Network Rail is the not-for-profit company which owns the tracks, bridges, viaducts and stations along the East Suffolk Line.