More Staff and New Equipment To Keep Trains Clean

Greater Anglia is hiring additional staff and investing in new vacuum cleaners as the train operator continues to step up its regime to keep trains as clean and safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Twenty-eight people are being recruited to keep trains clean; Greater Anglia is also purchasing new PacVac vacuum cleaners which can be worn like a ruck sack to make cleaning trains easier and more thorough. The powerful battery-operated vacuums are equipped with a four-stage filter including a a HEPA filter which helps to clean the air as staff make their way through the train.

Greater Anglia is also undertaking more cleaning at its stations where their fogging guns, which use disinfecting chemicals to kill different types of viruses quickly and efficiently, are being used for larger indoor areas including waiting rooms.

Martin Moran, Greater Anglia commercial, customer service and train presentation director, said: “We’re working hard to make sure that all of our trains and stations are squeaky clean, so that customers feel safe travelling with us.

“We’ve researched what’s the best possible equipment for us and we’re confident that all of it – the Pacvacs, fogging guns, testing equipment and of course extra cleaners will help us to keep our trains clean and disinfected.