Ticket Barriers at Ipswich Station

Tickets barriers at Ipswich stationNew automatic ticket barriers have been installed at Ipswich station; they became fully operational 14th May. Anyone entering from the station forecourt must now have a valid ticket for travel if they wish to cross the barrier and gain access to the platforms. Tickets are placed into a card reader which will then open the barrier. The ticket is then returned to the passenger. The barrier won’t open if an invalid ticket is used.

Passengers travelling to Ipswich should retain their tickets as they will be needed to exit the station. The card reader will keep the ticket for those who have completed their journey. Passengers who are changing trains at Ipswich (as part of a longer journey) who wish to exit the station will still be able to do so; the card reader will return the ticket so it can be used on re-entry.

The barriers were installed to improve security and prevent ticket misuse. Fare dodgers who travel to Ipswich will not be able to leave the station and will be charged a penalty fare of at least £20.

The system can be set up in different configurations; this allows more space for people to enter the platforms in the morning with the opposite configuration during the evening rush.

The barriers at Ipswich are similar to those used at London Liverpool Street, Cambridge, and the installation at Norwich station a few weeks ago.