Additional Sunday Services

Additional Sunday services

When the new timetable takes effect Sunday 17 May 2015 passengers will benefit from additional Sunday services on both the East Suffolk Line and Felixstowe Line.

All year round

On the East Suffolk Line there will be extra services during the late afternoon and early evening. The new service will depart Lowestoft at 17.05 arriving into Ipswich at 18.32. An extra service will depart Ipswich at 19.07 with an arrival into Lowestoft at 20.39.

Summer through 06 September

On the Felixstowe Line extra Summer Sunday morning services will operate though 06 September. A new service will depart Ipswich at 9.55 arriving at Felixstowe at 10.21. In the opposite direction the additional service will depart Felixstowe at 10.25 with an arrival into Ipswich at 10.50. The full timetable is available here.


More Mainline Sunday Summer services to and from London

Elsewhere across the Abellio Greater Anglia network an extra morning and afternoon service will operate in each direction between Norwich and London: 08.20 and 15.20 Norwich to London, and 11.00 and 18.00 London to Norwich. These extra trains will operate on Sundays until 27 September.

New Hourly Sunday Summer service between Lowestoft and Norwich

A new hourly summer Sunday service will be operate from Sunday 17 May between Lowestoft and Norwich in each direction through Sunday 27 September. The summer service had been every-other-hour. The extra trains (in addition to the existing services) will depart Lowestoft at 08.56, 10.56, 12.56, 14.56, 16.56, 18.56 and 20.56. At Norwich the extra services will depart at 08.05, 10.05, 12.05, 14.05, 16.05, 18.05 and 20.05.

Ipswich – Peterborough

On Sundays through 06 September an additional train will depart Ipswich for Peterborough at 07.55. An extra service will depart Peterborough for Ipswich at 09.50.

The extra services from part of an agreement between the Department for Transport and Abellio Greater Anglia to improve the frequency of services on Sundays. Andrew Goodrum, Customer Service Director, Abellio Greater Anglia said: “One of the key commitments in our current franchise agreement is to improve the frequency of Sunday services between Norwich and London and also between Norwich and Lowestoft, and Ipswich and Lowestoft. We’re pleased to introduce these new and additional services in our summer timetable from 17 May, offering more frequent journey opportunities for our customers, and helping to provide an economic boost to the region.”