Adopt A StationWhen you arrive at your local East Suffolk Line station you may have noticed most are adourned with flowers of some sort or another; they may be in tubs, or pots, or hanging baskets. The flowers are all different varieties just like the stations themselves.

Who plants these flowers? Who takes care of them? The answer is people just like you and me. People in the community who care about their local station, how it looks, the upkeep, and who volunteer their time to make sure that your local station is a pleasant place, whether it is at the start or finish of your journey by train.

Flowers at Wickham Market station at Campsea Ashe

These station adopters just don’t plant flowers, they bring forth ideas and have a say in schemes which they see as beneficial to the community which involve the railway station. Thanks to these volunteers some stations display the village notice board, or works of art by local artists. At Wickham Market station a group of volunteers has put forward a plan to restore the empty station building and incorporate a cafe, rooms for hire, a community room, station waiting room and ticket purchasing, and much more.

If you are interested in a scheme that might benefit you local station, however small or ambitious, or have ideas on ways to improve you station, we would like to hear from you.

Stations which have no current adopter include Westerfield, Derby Road, Melton and Beccles.

For more information or tell us about the station you are interested in adopting please contact us.