Looking toward the waiting room at Saxmundham station.Passengers at Saxmundham station will now once again be able to use the station’s waiting room. The room was reopened Friday 12 July thanks to the efforts of the ‘Friends of Saxmundham Station’ and train operator Greater Anglia. The Friends, an all-volunteer group, refurbished the room and flooring to provide a convenient place for those waiting for East Suffolk Line train services at the station.


David Adams, chairman of the Friends group said “This is the first step along the way to making the station the hub of the Town.” The ultimate plans call for turning the station house into a community centre which could possibly include the town library and a cafe.


The Group, comprised of a district council officer, town councillors, members of the business community, and other volunteers, is working with Greater Anglia to help bring the plans to fruition. James Steward, Area Customer Service Manager for Greater Anglia said: “We’re very grateful for the support of the Friends who have worked with us in restoring the customer waiting room. Saxmundham is important to the success of the East Suffolk Line with passenger numbers continuing to grow as the new hourly service thrives.”Greater Anglia Area Customer Service Manager James Steward, Suffolk County Councillor Michael Gower, and the Chairman of the Friends David Adams.


The waiting room is part of a number of recent improvements at the station including the installation of a self service ticket vending machine and a major upgrade to the signalling system centrally housed and controlled from Saxmundham station signal box.


More information on the ‘Friends of Saxmundham Station’ can be found at their website www.saxstationfriends.org.uk